Dedication Day ~ Rooms...aka...Jacq

Today is the 10th anniversary of Jacqueline Coleman's 17th Birthday! That's right, my "roommate" (yes, I still call her that) is turning 27 today.

When I decided to leave Los Angeles and head back to the East Coast my mom helped me find a roommate. My mom works at a women's university in Roanoke. She works with the student counselors and gets to be pretty chummy with them. After they graduate and move on she keeps in touch with some of them. One of them now lives in DC, Rachel. Well, my mom had sent out a facebook message to a bunch of girls letting them know that I was moving and in need of a roommate. Rachel responded to my mom and said that one of her co-workers was also looking for a roommate. How convenient! Rachel got me and Jacqueline in touch with each other and started emailing. In one of our first email exchanges, Jacq mentioned that she liked red wine, chocolate, and had a funny cat. SOLD...DONE...NEED NO MORE! Wine and a funny cat? I knew I could live with this girl, no problem! We set up a phone date and decided for me to move in when I got to DC. In April 2011 we became roommates.

What's that about a funny cat, you ask? Jacqueline's heart and soul belongs to Frisco. He's a funny, fat, sweet cat. Jacq travels a lot for her job and Frisco does not like it one bit. He always tries to get into the suitcase and go with her. When Jacq would travel for work, I would take care of Frisco. He's a loveable little guy and very playful. Although, looking at him you wouldn't think he's only 2 years old. He's HUGE! I remember one time when Frisco got on top of the refrgerator and knocked over a bottle of wine (thank the Lord it was empty). There were several times when me and Jacq would be cleaning under the stove and fridge to find bottle capy...Frisco's toy of choice! This is a picture of Jacq feeding Frisco gingerbread cookies!

I got lucky with a pretty darn good roommate! I still call her rooms even though we don't live together anymore. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACQ!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo