~ Happy Halloween ~


I hope everyone is having a fabulous Halloween day.  Are all you parents getting ready to take your little ones around trick or treating?

This year, I am working...boo!  I was able to go out this past Saturday night with my cousin.  I dressed up as Frenchy from Grease and Jenny dressed up at Rosie the Riveter.

We hit the town out in Clarendon and went to Mad Rose & Spider Kelly’s.  There were so many people out in costumes.  There were a few Freddy Kruegers (lady versions too), DJ Lance Rock, tooth fairies, and all sorts of characters!  At Spider Kelly’s we ran into President Obama and his lovely wife.
I had a lot of fun with Jenny and the pink wig I purchased at Party City was definitely worth it!

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!

Until next time ~ *erica*

Loving Lately ~ Hurricane Sandy...

Okay...not so loving Hurricane Sandy lately!

I thought it was more than appropriate to do a post about Sandy today.
As you know, I am a manager at a hotel in downtown DC, Donovan House.  A lot of managers and some hourly staff are staying for a few nights due to the storm.  I checked into my room Sunday night after prepping my apartment for any possible damage.

That's right...I used purple duct tape!!!

As much fun as a free hotel room for a couple of nights can be, "there's no place like home."

I will admit, it was nice to have cable...even though all that was on was Sandy news. Sunday I did watch Revenge and it was sooo good!

One of the nice things about staying at the hotel with some of my co-workers, was that the managers get to hang out and "bond." We took advantage of the empty Pent House Suite, played some board games and had a few drinks
This is how we roll at DoHo.

I do hope that everyone on the East Coast that was effected by Hurricane Sandy is safe.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all!


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Until next time ~ *erica*

YOLO ~ Back to Work...It's Monday!

Happy Monday everyone!

The weekend went by so fast that I need an extra day to get back into the groove of having to go to work! Because of this Hurricane Sandy I'm actually living at work until tomorrow (I work at a hotel, so it's okay).
 Here are a few SomeEcards to help you get through your back-to-work day


Okay, that’s probably enough J  Have a great day!

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Until next time ~ *erica*

*Social Sunday* ~ What'cha Watchin'?

A couple of weekends ago I posted a Sunday Social - Let's Get Reading post about my favorite books.  This weekend I thought I would do one about some movies!

Enjoy ~

The first movie I ever saw in the movie theater was…
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

I remember that I cried at the end, because I didn’t get to see them live happily ever after!  I still love this movie!

The first rated R movie that I ever saw was…
Jerry Maguire

I begged my mother to let me see this and she finally gave in.  All four of us (me, mom, dad, and little bro) went to see it.  My mom was so mad at me, because of the scene with Tom Cruise and Kelly Preston…when they were in the kitchen…doing…it!

If I could live in any movie it would be…
Singing in the Rain

This is one of my all time favorite movies.  I love this time period when movies were musicals (original ones…not the stuff Hollywood is putting out today…although I am looking forward to Les Mis).

My favorite scene and musical number is “Good Morning.”

If I could be any character from a movie it would be…
Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice

Two words..Mr. Darcy!

My all time favorite movie is…
Mystic Pizza

I LOVE this movie!  I can watch it all the way through without skipping any scenes. Classic Julia Roberts!

What are some of your favorite movies?
Hope you have a great rest of your weekend. 

Until next time ~ *erica*

*High 5 for Friday*

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

I could not be happier that the weekend is finally here.
I had a pretty good week!

I got to see my dad on Tuesday night.  We had dinner together in Zentan (the restaurant inside my hotel…great sushi if you like sushi).  Then on Wednesday morning we had breakfast at Luna Grill CafĂ© in Shirlington.

I bought Taylor Swift’s new cd, RED, and I LOVE IT!  Her new album is more indie/pop than her usual country/pop.

Have you watched the new show Nashville?  If you haven’t, then you definitely should!  It’s a great show.  It is about Ryana James, a country super star (think Faith Hill) and new country super star Juliette Barnes (think Taylor Swift).  They have a crazy rivalry and not just when it comes to their music!  Definitely check it out!

4. I mentioned last week that I am participating in my first blog swap.  I received my care package in the mail this week and am so excited to share with you what I got.  But more on that later!

5. I  watched last week’s Grey’s Anatomy and it helped me realize a few things.  The episode’s theme was about ‘settling,’ whether you should settle on things in life or not.  Sometimes, I find myself settling a little too much.  I won’t get too personal, but this was a little bit of an awakening for me and I couldn't be happier about it!


Have a wonderful weekend!

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Until next time ~ *erica*

Current Crush ~ Downton Abbey

I was first introduced to Downton Abbey earlier in the year.  I had heard about it from some friends and found it at my local RedBox. I rented the first season and was HOOKED!
It takes place in England, circa early 1900’s (in the first episode the Titanic had just sunk) in the years leading up to World War I.  It centers on the Crawley family and their servants.

When I signed up for Hulu Plus I was able to catch up on Season 2.  Season 3 begins in January. Hopefully I will have cable by then!

If you don't think there's enough "cool" drama (hence Kardashians or Gossip Girl) think again...

This is Matthew and Mary.  They are cousins and my FAVORITE story line!

This is the handsome Turk.  You won't believe what happens to him in Season 1 (a hint: it involves death and the loss of someone's virginity)!

Watch Downton Abbey Season 3 Preview on PBS. See more from Masterpiece.
If you like historical fiction or British Drama, then I highly recommend Downton Abbey.  It’s a fantastic show and I can’t wait to watch Season 3!!!

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Yummy Fall Treats

 ~ Butter & Brown Sugar Roasted Sweet Potatoes ~

I was surfing the world of Pinterest yesterday and found an interesting recipe for sweet potatoes.  I love sweet potatoes, especially the yam version!  It was super easy and turned out to be delicious! Mom, if you're reading this (and I hope you are), I want to make this for Thanksgiving dinner!!!!!

3 sweet potatoes peeled and cut into bit size cubes
2 tsp olive oil (I used 2 tbsp because my dish was large)
1 tbsp butter
1 tbsp brown sugar (more if you want sweeter…I think I used 3!)
1 tsp ground cinnamon

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees
Pour olive oil into dish and spread
Melt butter in pan and add brown sugar and cinnamon
Put diced potatoes into dish and pour over with syrup

Bake for 60 minutes and voila ~
 This is the picture from Pinterest...

...this is my version (not quite as pretty...but I'm not a pro-photographer either!)

I think I diced the pieces up a little too small, so next time I will make them chunkier.  I would also add a fourth potato, because my pyrex dish is probably larger than the recipe called for.

I had it with my dinner tonight and it was absolutely yummy!  The smell resonated in the office and made all of my co-workers jealous!

~ Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Bread ~

I make this every fall season!  Come Christmas, I will be making their Ginger Bread.

It’s super easy; the directions are right on the box.

Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Bread Mix
2 large eggs
½ cup oil
½ water

Preheat oven to 425 degrees
Bake for 55 minutes and voila ~

It’s a great snack with some tea!

Until next time ~ *erica*

Loving Lately ~ My 1st 5K!

Need an idea for a work out?  Do a 5K!
This was my first time doing a 5K and I loved it!  (especially walking it) I’m already signed up for another one this Saturday – The Aids Walk.
So, the 5K…The Color Run
This past Sunday I participated in The Color Run with Bestie & Tolar at the National Harbor.  The Color Run partners with a different charity in each city that participates.  The charity for DC was the Children’s National Medical Center.
It was some crazy color fun!!!!  It is recommend that you wear white, because you will end up covered in COLOR!!!! With your registration you get a Color Run T-Shirt, Color Run Headband, Temporary Tattoo, and a color packet that is saved for the end of the race.  Now, at each 1K marker there are volunteers that throw color at you.  These were our markers: 1K Pink, 2K Orange, 3K Yellow, 4K Blue, Finish Line – Color Throw!  At the finish line you get to do a color throw, where you get out the packets you were given with your registration and throw it up in the air!  It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!  There were people rolling around on the ground in color.  Tolar even did this when we hit the Blue marker. I didn’t get any green, so I actually asked a guy with a green packet to throw some green at me.  I saw a purple dust cloud and ran into to get some purple!  There were families, groups of friends, and people of all ages there.  It really was a fantastic time and I will definitely be doing this again next year!
Check out pictures from race day below.

Wearing our fabulous Color Run Headbands!

My awesome temporary Color Run tattoo!

Action Shot...this is right after 3K - Yellow! 
I'm so glad I took my glasses off for the race!

I am fabulously covered in COLOR!!!!

Besties did it together! (w/Tolar :))

WooHoo!  Can't wait to do it again next year!

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Until next time ~ *erica*

Happy Monday ~ YOLO!

Today I thought I would post a little inspiration.
When I find a good little saying or a picture I will put it on my fridge so that it can remind me to stay positive!
Here are a few of them below ~

Have a great day!!!!!

Until next time ~ *erica*

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