Surprise Trip Home!

Back in the fall of 1999, my mom adopted a cute little 3 month old kitten from our vet. We named him Ollie; after the skate board move. My brother picked the name! He was a bundle of joy. He was your typical little brother to my cat, Kandy. He pounced everywhere and was always so playful. Last Friday, sadly, Ollie passed away. He was 13 years old and the biggest sweetie you've ever met!

Ollie's passing was very sudden and my parents were not prepared for it. My mom and dad have not been doing very well with it. My dad is out of town on a business trip, so he's keeping busy. My mom, however, is coming home to an empty house after work. With my three days off, I decided to drive down to Roanoke for a night and surprise my mom. She has been trying very hard to keep busy, by shopping and working out at the gym. So, not knowing what her schedule was, I decided to surprise her at work! Boy was she surprised!!!!!

I thought she would be so surprised that she would cry with tears of joy! Nope! I'm the one who cried! It was very unexpected. With Ollie passing, I just didn't realize how much it makes me miss my family! So, I got to spend the evening with my momma! We had dinner with some of her girlfriends and watched a movie and hung out at home! Unfortunately, I do have to head back to NOVA in the morning. It's Alexandria's Fashion Night Out and I'm going with Bestie.

I love my momma!

Ollie ~ We love you and miss you tons xoxo

Until next time ~ *erica*