My favorite Facebook Pages

When it comes to Facebook, I think too many people use it for personal progaganda, especially with the election upon. I can't handle all this political stuff! I also get pretty sick up seeing so many negative postings. So, I started "Like"-ing some fun pages.

My first favorite is called "I was born this Amazing." They post some of the most beautiful pictures. They post nature, street art, animals, people, ideas, homes, all kinds of things! Here are some of their pictures:

I love this little guy! A little while ago they posted a picture of a baby unicorn. See, they do exist :)

This is Niagara Falls at night...AMAZING!!!

This is just so pretty!

I love the street art!

A tiger shaking off after taking a swim.

A mountain and an island make a Violin!

Pretty amazing, huh! Check out I Was Born Amazing's Facebook page!

My second favorite is called "Jokes and Quotes." This pages posts some of the funniest pictures, jokes, quotes, etc. Sometimes they put up "cuteness alerts." Here are a few examples ~

Cuteness Alert!

Hot Stuff!

I swear I'm going to do this tonight too!

That's it for today! Until next time ~ *erica*