Hooray for My Friday!

I've noticed on a lot of blogs that I have been looking at that people put "High Five for Friday" on their Friday posts. Well, if you remember from my last posting, I don't have your average schedule. So, today is My Friday! I have the next three days off.

Sometimes when it's slow at work I look at "LOL Cats." They're so cute!

In the tradition of "Friday," I will put my Top 5 Highlights of the last week.

5. My best friend, Lindsay, got me an awesome book for my birthday!

Lindsay knows all too well about my love life and when she heard about this book on Cosmo Radio
she just had to get it for me. It's about how the men that are already in your life will help you find the love you want. I haven't started reading it yet, but I can't wait!

4. I finally got to experience World of Beer in Arlington, VA. My friend Jen and I went there on Thursday night. Ladies, it is a sea of men! Cute men too :) Since WOB doesn't have much of a food menu, they allow you to order from three surrounding restaurants: PF Changs, BGR, and Vapiano. We order from PF Changs and they delivered it to our table at WOB! How awesome is that!

3. For the first time ever I hung out with my best friend's husband, without her! As she put on her facebook post ~ "it warms her heart." Nick and I went to see Total Recall (the new one with Colin Farrell). It was actually pretty good. See, Lindsay doesn't like movies like that, but I do, so it works out perfectly!

2. Last Tuesday, August 28th, was my 29th birthday. My "last 20-something birthday" as I was calling it all week. I had something going on each night!

1. I had so many friends come out for my birthday this week! It was amazing! Friday, 8/31, I did a happy hour at Capitol City Brewery and then the Nationals game. Saturday I had a dinner at Liberty Tavern in Clarendon. I had such an great weekend and couldn't have done it without my friends! Thank you guys!

Until next time ~ *erica*