Coupon Clippin' Sunday

It's that time of the week again where I get out my scissors and clip clip clip away! I'm not a rich girl, so I save where I can. The coupon books in Sunday's paper are some of the best ways to save. For Christmas a couple of years ago, my momma got me a coupon book to store all of my coupons. I have it separated by category and it's very helpful for me when I'm at the store searching for the best coupon. Sometimes the coupons aren't the best deal, but it's worth trying!

Have you seen that show Extreme Couponing? I'm not quite like that! Although, I will hand it to them, they know what they are doing! I don't know where I would put all that product! I have a hard enough time storing a normal amount of groceries. My Bestie Lindsay got me into couponing. She showed me how she does it and she's really good. She definitely has a stock pile in her laundry room.

Some stores don't accept coupons, like Trader Joe's. That's where I get all of my produce. It's affordable and their produce is really fresh! At Trader Joe's, if you bring your own bags, they sign you up to receive a gift card! A good amount of my shopping is done at Target. They do accept coupons and they also give you five cents for each grocery bag you bring on your own. I love Target and I sometimes get lost in there.

I found some good coupons in today's paper. Some laundry detergent, $2 off hair color, $1 off Alexia frozen products when I buy 2 bags (sweet potato fries and onion rings are delish!!!!), and $1 off Newman's Own Pizza. My dad is really good about mailing me coupons too. Thanks dad!

Until next time ~ *erica*