Couch Searching

When I first moved to Arlington, I moved in with an awesome girl named Jacqueline. I met her through my mom who knew one of Jacq's co-workers. We lived together until the end of July this year. The biggest thing about our apartment was that we did not have any living room furniture! So, now that I have my own place I am in search of a couch! Now, I live in a studio apartment now, so I am slightly limited to the amount of space I have. It's a super cute apartment and I actually have a good amount of space. My beautiful bedroom furniture fits wonderfully. I also have two book shelves and a storage bench. The two things that I feel like I need now is a small table to put by my window and a couch. What I'd really like is an over sized sofa chair. I went to Value City and Bob's Discount Furniture today and found a couple things that I liked ~

This purple Chair 1/2 is my favorite so far! Probably because it's purple :)

This over sized chair has an ottoman that is also storage.

Then there is a love seat. I'm not sure if I have enough space for a love seat, but I think I could make it work!

I also found this table and chairs, it also comes in a darker wood ~

What do you guys think? Have a great Friday!!!