A little more about me...

I am a manager at a hip hotel in downtown Washington DC. I don't have your usual "Monday-Friday/9-5" job. I typically work on the weekends, which tends to bum out my friends (and me). I also work weird hours. Sometimes I will work 7am-5pm or 2pm-12am. You can begin to see how this affects my social and dating life. I do like my job, though. The people I work with are great and we all get along really well.

I got into the hotel business when I was living in Los Angeles, CA. Acting work was sparse, so I got a job at the Bel Air Hotel. I was a hostess at the hotel restaurant, The Restaurant. I saw A LOT of celebrities. Anyone from Diana Ross, Patrick Dempsey, Michael Keaton, Robert De Niro, Christina Aguilera, Vince Vaughn...this list could go on and on and on. Most of them were pretty cool, but some were also pretty nasty. It's amazing what fame will do to some people. Anways, after working there for a few months, I got a job on a TV Show called Swingtown. I was a stand-in on Season 1 (it only lasted one season) for Molly Parker. It was so much fun!!! Too bad it got cancelled. After that I went to another Beverly Hills Hotel to work.

The thing about working at a hotel is that it's good, steady work. Hotels are always going to be here and they have high turnover. So, I got a job at a different Beverly Hills Hotel, again, as a hostess. I soon got promoted to Events Director Assistant. I eventually transferred to one of their sister hotels, The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood! Sounds so glamorous! It was a lot of fun working at the Roose. I met one of my best friends working there. I worked there for almost 2 years and in my time there got promoted to a Front Office Supervisor. However, all good things must come to an end.

When my grandfather died in December of 2010 I realized that I was just too far away from my family. My grandfather was living in Ohio and my mom and dad are in Virginia. My mom wasn't able to get to him to say goodbye before he passed. That really made me realize how far away I was. If anything were to happen to any of us, I would want us to be able to get to eachother. So began the search for an east coast job! Lucky me...I found out that our sister hotel in Washington DC was looking for an Assistant Manager!!!!! I was gone in April!

I don't regret leaving Los Angeles one bit! My mom and dad are only 4 hours away. My best friend is only minutes away. I love this city and the people in it. I get my seasons back...fall being my favorite! I've very new to the world of blogging, so please bare with me. My best friend, Lindsay, has her own blog. Check it out at Pursuit of Pink. She's fantastic!

Until next time ~ *erica*