To Be Found

I opened my emails today and read my daily inspiration. Boy, did it hit home -

As adult children, we are good - no, ingenious - at finding hiding places. Sometimes we hide behind our work by staying super busy. We hide in prayer itself - behind sweet-sounding words. We can choose to always be tired so we can hide in sleep. We can hide behind any of the "helper" roles by fixing others so we never have to fix ourselves. We can even make our life a hiding place by going through the emotions, saying all the right things, but never really encountering ourselves.

5 Binge-Worthy TV Shows

I am one of those people that enjoys binge-watching my television. There's a lot of us out there. A good friend of mine spent Sunday binge-watching all of The OA. I can easily go through a 10-episode season in a weekend if not a day.  When it comes to my television shows that I can watch weekly on TV, sometimes I'll wait a few weeks so that I can watch four or five episodes in a row. There are so many television shows out there right now on so many different networks. Here are 5 that I think are totally 100% binge-worthy.

And the Golden Globe Goes To . . .

After the Golden Globe nominations came out early in December I did a post about the nominations (here).  The award show aired last night and I stayed up for the whole thing. I couldn't go to bed without knowing who won!

Movie Review: Moonlight

Golden Globe Nominations
Best Motion Picture - Drama
Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role - Naomie Harris
Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting - Mahershala Ali
Best Director - Motion Picture: Nicholas Britell
Best Screenplay - Motion Picture
Best Original Score - Motion Picture

Over the weekend I saw Moonlight. It is nominated for six Golden Globe Awards and will probably get several Academy Award nominations as well.  Here's the summary from

Movie Review: Hacksaw Ridge

Let the movie reviews begin!

Golden Globe Nominations
Best Motion Picture - Drama
Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama: Andrew Garfield
Best Director - Motion Picture: Mel Gibson

Last week I saw Hacksaw Ridge and I was blown (no pun intended) away! Mel Gibson is back  in action with this fantastic movie.  This is an incredible true story about a WWII American Army Medic who was considered a 'conscientious objector.' What that means is, he claims the right to refuse to perform military service on the grounds of his religious beliefs.